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Spread the word with high quality flyers! Select from our 150gsm silk paper stock and 350gsm silk card stock to create a unique print marketing campaign. 

150gsm silk flyers provide are great mid weight option, feeling a little more substantial than lighter paper stock often offered as a value option.

350gsm silk card flyers feel much more substantial, often used for a premium marketing approach.


Most flyers are zero rated for VAT. Exceptions include:

-Material that has a monetary value- such as flyers designed to give a discount, material that is designed to be written on, or kept for other uses- such as a reply form or a useful tool like a calendar. material that grants admission- such as a flyer granting admission to an event.

More information can be found here.

If we believe that a customer's artwork falls into a category whereby VAT is applicable we will inform you that VAT needs to be added to your order. 

If you require lower quantities or different sizes contact us here.