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Design Service | File Assist & Print

File Check >Amend/Fix > Proof > Print (from £15.00)

We will turn your finished design into a Print Ready PDF.

accepted files...

     • PDF (Print Ready) • EPS (Print Ready) • Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign,)
     • TIF (Print Ready) • JPG (Print Ready) • Corel DRAW (X7 and lower)
     • Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher, Powerpoint)

what we’ll do...

Convert your design file into a Print Ready PDF and provide up to 2 proofs to ensure you are happy with the job before it goes to print.

fix... Where we can we will fix:

     • Convert your file to a print ready PDF
     • Convert RGB to CMYK
     • Convert spot colour to CMYK when applicable
     • Jobs supplied proportionately the incorrect size
     • Ink coverage over 340%
     • Bleed
     • Fix overprints accidentally set on colours other than black
     • Scale Proportionately

warn... We will warn you if there is/are:

     • Text/objects too close to the edge of the page
     • Low resolution images
     • Impure blacks
     • No allowance for creep within your booklet
     • Incorrect panel sizes on folded jobs
     • Issues with the forme cutter guide lining up with your artwork


if any of the following apply we will reject your file:
     • Corrupt file
     • Password protected
     • Sizes that are disproportionate
     • Any elements are missing from your file
     • Any pages are missing from your file
     • Incorrect number of files
     • Incorrect number of files

what we won’t do...

Make any amendments to your design (this can be done through our design service). Occasionally a file cannot be converted and in these instances we would advise of a charge to recreate the file. We won’t proof read your content or send your job to print without written sign off.