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A Quick guide to Large format Printing

Posted by Adrian Davis on

Large format printing can be a fantastic way of grabbing someone’s attention, especially for events and promotions. Large format products can include banners, mounted signs, and posters. Some of these products can differ in their individual applications but the design process remains the same. When printing large format products you may need to consider a few extra things that you may not have already thought of.

  • Keep the message simple people! A banner or poster with a novels worth of text is always going to be hard to digest, and more often than not ignored (which after all defeats the purpose).
  • Don’t use the same sized font throughout. Pick out the most eye catching phrase or text and use that to draw your reader in.
  • When producing the design, do this at the finished size. This will help to avoid any pixilation of images and text.
  • Use a spellchecker and then get somebody who hasn’t seen the design to spell check it. Once you have approved the proof for print it is too late to alter that typo which is going to be a lot more noticeable at over a meter tall!
  • Use only high resolution images and save the final file at a high resolution too. Any low resolution images can really drag the final product down and look unprofessional.

We provide posters, banners and signs in standard sizes. We can also provide custom sized products, just use our quote form and we’ll work out our best price for you.

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