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Greeting cards don't need to be scary!

Posted by Adrian Davis on

Who doesn’t love receiving a greeting card? Nothing says the festive period has started more than receiving your first Christmas card. While greeting cards are popular all year round (for birthdays, valentine's and just to say thank you), they really are a staple of the festive season.

It feels like Christmas cards have been around for ages and they have. They really took off after the invention of the postage stamp by the Victorians in the mid 19th century. They had some very odd ideas about the kind of imagery to use on their seasonal greeting cards. Our personal favourite has to be of clown wielding a red hot poker and about to poke a policeman where you really shouldn't poke a policeman.


You can check out other strange Victorian Christmas cards here


Nowadays, greeting cards (and other customisable products) can also be a nice earner for illustrators and artists. So, if you think you have an image that’s perfect for a greeting card this year our festive range may well be up your street. 


As well as being great for families and creative people, corporate greeting cards can be a really useful marketing tool for small businesses. It’s pretty easy to create an e-shot campaign to send a festive message to thousands at the click of a button. However, that email can also easily be deleted or go straight into a spam box, never to be seen again. A physical card on the other hand will more likely be opened and hang around on a desk, or even better be put on display. This strategy will help your message stay in your customer’s mind’s eye for longer.


Some tips for your small business festive cards

Try to choose an image that sums up your company, brand, service or ethos. When you find the perfect image we can help you incorporate your logo and possibly give it a festive aspect.

Even though you may have chosen to include a typed message for your corporate Christmas cards, remember to leave some space for a handwritten message. This way you can add a sentence of thoughtful personalisation, showing that you take the time to ‘know’ the person/company that you’re sending a card to.

Keep it professional. Adding your logo and your contact details on the inside or on the back make sure that anyone who sees your card knows how to get in contact with your company.


If you don't have the time to make or find your own image check out our range of pre-set images for festive cards that you can choose from. We will insert your logo and a personal message if required.

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